Success and Survival Help for School Going Students : Age - 4 to 14 years

 Learn Basics of English - Hindi - Maths Essentials

Languages and Number Skills are basic skills which are learned during early years of schooling and are foundation stones for the good future acadamic performance.

To best learn and teach basic essentials through our specially designed tools and worksheets in English, Hindi and Maths which covers Phonics, Matras, Tables etc. choose the best option for you.


 Learn Smart Student Skills

Securing good marks in school exams and competitions is not only knowledge of facts but also learning and understanding of ways to learn at your best and develop the abilities of brain to think differently.

For goods studies a student should always learn study skills about how to manage studies at its best and enhance his or her allround abilities of reasoning and knowledge to be different in crowd.


Class Curriculam Support

Learning is a continuous process but in schools system students need to learn subjects with their prescribed syllabus as per their class level and needs to cross an examination to go to next class level. To perform well in school exams all the students need to learn and memorise the concepts and facts etc. and needs to practice proper answering of different questions which may be asked from them.

Our this section provides cbec based class level based subject wise, chapter wise tools and worksheets which may help the students to learn and practice the same well for better performance in their exams. 


Guidance & Counselling

During Schooling years of the students there are many issues arises like behavioural problems and other related problems. This is the time when we can motivate children to be self-discipled and well behaved.

Our this sections provides guidance and support for understanding and solutions for many of the confusions of parents and students related with developing good behaviour and behaviour management.


Ready to Choose Packages

For developing or improving abilities in specific area of learning or for the solutions of different learning problems, if focused contnents are covered, the same shows difference in performance.

In our this section we provide specific topic based packages to target learning and improving of specific area like Hindi Matras, English Sounds, Handwriting, Tables in Maths etc. 


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